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Saturday, November 16, 2002

Weekend Notes

A good beginning for the weekend. Arun is finally back in Mumbai! First, I met him an year ago when he landed in Mumbai all the way from London with plans of making a movie. But it didn’t work out and he stayed in Mumbai for almost 8 months, working for the recording studio he opened with his friends in Andheri. During his stay here, we had a nice time together. Then he fell out with his partners, and one fine day returned to London. And almost after an year, he is back now. But I couldn’t accept his offer to join him for a movie this weekend because of my shifting plans. I can meet him next week, I hope.

India had a good victory yesterday night and really enjoyed the Live. I trust Rahul Dravid, but Sanjay Bangar was the surprise package of yesterday night! When I saw his name in the line-up before the match, I was wondering about his ‘slogging’ skills. And when the match headed for a nail-biting finish and when Bangar came out to bat, I was expecting a quick retreat from him! But it was heartening to see him coming good in the crunch situation. Now I want to see more such innings from him.

Wow...before winding is a flash! My ex-office pal Rashmi has joined my present office. Good luck Rash!

Friday, November 15, 2002

If Nothing Ever Changed, There'd be No Butterflies!

George Bernard Shaw once said: Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

I’d been noticing a lot of Changes in the lives of the people around me off late. Myself standing on the verges of a major change in my life, the feelings are excitement and anxiety. My Mom cheers me up telling that my bad phase of two years 've got over this October. I am still wearing that holy lavaliere my Dad gave me to fight all the evil forces those come in my way!

Got deviated from my main topic Changes. Ok, so far i feel i did well in 2002. One of the interesting friends I have made this year is Tanveer who lives up to his surname of Bookwala in a very 'literary' manner. We both share the same birth date, i.e., Dec. 1! Now he has resigned and is planning to don the mantle of ‘first assistant’ to some director. Good luck! My best friend is planning to resign her job in December to embrace Motherhood. Warm wishes to you Jots!

Me, Myself and my Place!!

I ‘d been sharing an accommodation with my friends since a long time and now I need a change. I want a space of my own and by this month end I would be shifting, if everything goes according to plans. I ‘d been searching for a place since the last two months and now I have found out my shelter. The feeling is ‘excitement’ though I know what a headache it’s going to be, I mean arranging the whole thing. I know, to live alone bearing the full rent is gonna be kinda luxury for me, but now I want my privacy and I have lotsa things to do, want to work towards fulfilling my dreams. And very specially, I want to celebrate my b’day in my own house. That’s a promise I had given to two people: my friend and then my best net pal Fatima. I am glad that I am gonna fulfill it.

And of course, a change of place brings in a lot of unpleasant changes too. Now I will have to take care of the kitchen everyday, when I needed to cook only once in a while during my stay with friends. Now the distance between my office and home is getting lengthened. Nobody would be there for assistance if a rat makes appearance at my place. Oh….rats really scare me, man! When the electric fuse goes off-duty, when my music system complaints, when its time to change the gas cylinder…no Suresh or Ajay would be there for any technical support! Also, from now on, I will have to bear the biggest headache named ‘the Landlord’ of my own. It’s more than loosing extra-money, this shifting business, I would say.

But now I wanna turn positive! I have decided to look at only the brighter side of affairs. At my own place, I am gonna get the biggest thing in anybody’s life – freedom! Now, I would be able to watch my favorite channels without any hindrance. Now I can decide what food I should eat, when to put out the lights, when to take bath….lotsa things like that! So I want to sum up, changes are for good, sooner or later.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

L I L T Makeover
Hi people.... I have just moved my blog to a new design. I felt this one pleasanter. I wanted to do that since a long time but I was at sea since I couldn’t find any tool to change my blog's design, in blogger. So I just kept a back up of my earlier postings and then deleted my blog. After that, I created LILT anew choosing a new design and pasted all the back up content in it. I have kept the corresponding date below each posting. Hope you all will like it or at least, won't dislike it!

When Crowds turn Rowdies...!

It's just not cricket!

Hell with the Indian crowd.

An amusing insight on the crowd behaviour!

Watchdogs....where are you? Do something.

Did a lot of surfing today, mainly on Indian blogs. It was amazing to see some real sincere and wonderful blogs like those of Anita and Nidhi. Really inspiring!

[11/11/2002 8:14:11 PM | Bijoy A.K]

The Cool is in!

I ask a chat friend, 'how is life' and he replies, "cool". When I enquire my sister about her vacation and she sums up it in one word - "Cool". My colleague watches a movie and describes it as a cool one. I have seen some advertisements giving Rahul Dravid, a 'cool dude's image'. I like this word and admire those who are 'cool' and want to be cool myself. But, how many of us in tough real life situations have maintained our composure?

When I called up one of my close friends a few weeks ago, he informed me that he is sitting at home nursing a kind of pulled muscle in his leg. Next call and he tells me about his severe leg ache. By the time I made another call, he had taken a physiotherapist's help and was almost bed ridden. When I met him after a couple of days, he was unable to move and things seem to be getting out of hand. He was shifted to a nursing home where doctors hung weight on his leg and tried their best which only resulted in some impressive hospital bills!

Both financially and mentally, he had been undergoing the trauma of his lifetime. Just the thought that, I am unable to walk and doctors are yet to come up with the right diagnosis are enough to loose one's mind. And what adds to the woes is the fact that his near and dear are far away in Kerala and he has nobody here to look after him, except a few good friends. Anybody would crumble but not this guy! Whenever I visited him, I saw him in his usual self, greeting me with his typical naughty smile, cracking jokes, pulling my leg in which he is always at his very best and entertaining his visitors the maximum.

Last I met him was two days back. The earlier day, he had undergone a back surgery, following the final diagnosis that his slipped disc that disturbs the back nerve is causing him problems. The problematic disc was removed and I expected to see him finally subdued, taking some much needed rest. But I saw him, though lying in bed, in his irrepressible mood! He was surfing chanels in the wall-fit TV and was making it a point to attend all the telephone calls those came in his way. Though his face couldnt hide that weariness, he gave me a broad smile which I will call 'a winner's smile'. The smile of somebody who took on life sooo COOOOOLLY!

He won a game of life, never loosing his cool throughout the struggle.

Now I can call him a Cool Guy and he taught me some lessons of 'being cool in life'.

Well done my friend.....thanX!

[11/8/2002 5:30:49 PM | Bijoy A.K]

Gunpowder, mosquitoes and Sweets

The title may sound awkward! But I was just expressing two major thoughts that caught my fancy this Diwali. Let us better classify them as 'Gunpowder and Mosquitoes' and 'Sweets'.

I felt this Diwali as more cracking and bursting than any I experienced here. It was the smell of gunpowder all around, giving new dimensions to Mumbai's pollution. I heard everybody complaining about it...but somehow I like that smell. It takes me back to my good old days.... makes me really nostalgic! I am glad that the mood to enjoy burning a cracker is still there in me. My friend is not allowed to burn crackers at her house and she want to do it when I take a house of my own.

Yeah, back to Diwali. So amidst a lot of complaints about the smell of gunpowder, I heard somebody actually praising it! According to him, it keeps the mosquitoes away. It keeps human beings also away, but we human beings are such a shameless lot that we have made it a necessity. The next morning I woke up with those scratch marks again and I felt even the mosquitoes have started behaving like us!

Now let us talk about something pleasant and so its Sweets. Just that, I had lots of sweets this Diwali as compared to my other Diwalis in Mumbai. Actually, I never liked sweets that much and I used to avoid it. But this time I discovered that I have started liking it. Is it a good omen.... something that is linked with the upcoming events in my life in this New Year? Oooof...wish me good luck!!!

[11/2/2002 12:37:48 PM | Bijoy A.K]

Happy Diwali...!

I will start with this glittering Diwali occasion. Diwali in Mumbai is something special for me and this is my best season, I wud say! The climate is cool that is gonna embrace the upcoming X'mas in December also and its more than just a relief from the Mumbai heat.

My memories of Diwali in Mumbai begin with that of the year 2000. That time, I had landed myself in a better job after my hitting the Mumbai shore all the way from Kerala in 1999. We had a wonderful party at office and the occasion helped me to realize that Diwali means something special to Mumbaikars! Then the 2001 Diwali was of a dull note for me as most of my friends were away and things were not going smooth for me at work. So I just watched it passing.

Here it is 2002, and it’s different! Life has changed a job, new people, new places....and of course new issues! My official outlook mail is overflowing with the Diwali Greetings, with each and every colleague making it a point to wish his co-worker and thus making his presence felt. The changes have made me very energetic and I am ready for a ball! All my pals might have received my diwali greetings by this time, I hope. "Wish u a happy Diwali...wish u Mumbai..a happy diwali"

I hope to get back to you soon, safer...without any Diwali 'scars' or 'burns'..!

[10/31/2002 11:35:34 AM | Bijoy A.K]

The Kick-off

life is like that.....have a good look at it!

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