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Thursday, November 21, 2002


Since you have gone, there is no place like home
It seems that I am always lost and alone
Fear and emptiness surround me
And Ebony darkness is all I see

I feel so helpless, with no one to call
No one to catch me whenever I fall
Then I remember I am not alone
He is always beside me, He has given me all

He has blessed me with love
From here and above
He has given to me
Many precious memories

I know he will ease this pain in my heart
He will never give me more than I can stand
And when there is darkness
He will be holding my hand.

by Divya

India survived a scare and managed to beat Windies to square the series. A relief!!! The find of the series is gonna be, Sanjay Bangar. He is contributing well with bat and ball.

Finally, thanks to Divya for allowing me to publish her poem here!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Pondering at Random...!

I am on Yahoo with my best friend and she is performing a very complicated surgery on my decision to shift to a place that is going to increase my traveling hazards. She is getting into my nerves and I am trying my best to justify my decision. I think I am loosing my cool and she has got the message. So she has changed the topic to my b'day party for a safe chat! I am like that...when somebody questions the logic of my decisions, I tend to loose my cool. Sorry, just a few days ago I wrote here on the importance of 'being cool in life'. Just scroll down:)

Today, I had a nice lunch with Sandeep and we had some adorable prawns!

Taking some decisions are very tough especially when you feel that your future depends on that particular decision. I was in such a situation and the decision was related to my career. Now I have made up mind and I dont want any regrets.

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