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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Are you Onlan?

The vibrancy Intranet Messengers exude in an offline environment

Intranet Messenger is an instant messenger that functions using the intranet resources. Intranet is a privately maintained network of computers connected to each other within a business setup or an organization through Local Area Network (LAN). Intranet Messenger doesn’t require internet. But machines should be connected to the LAN and the particular messenger that you use should be installed in other machines also. Let us profile some popular intranet messengers.

WinPopup comes pre-installed with Windows. But the disadvantages with WinPopup are: You need to manually type-in your contact’s log-in name or computer name to send the message across or you need to know the name of the workgroup if you want to broadcast. Also, You need to keep the icon alive in your taskbar throughout your session.

IP Messenger is user-friendly and effective. Its interface window displays the list of users in the network. The messenger works in the system tray. The additional multicast facility helps you to broadcast the message to the whole network. Trusted Messenger and Active Pager works on the same lines. Trusted Messenger can give a funky touch to your chat, as it has got a variety of pre-defined skins and color/font options. Active Pager has got advanced features such as an answering machine, templates and blacklist.

Network Assistant can work with WinPopup and has got additional features like, channels-based chat, shared whiteboard, file transfers, remote screenshots, activity tracking and more. The shared whiteboard facility brings in a novel concept as you and your friends can draw on this tool, which will help you to share and explain diagrams, graphics etc! Wanna do bit of snooping? The Remote screenshots facility can aid you in viewing screenshots of a remote screen! The Remote process control helps you to view processes on a remote computer and create/terminate the processes.

Other than chatting, Vypress Messenger helps you to send e-mail messages, text documents, pictures and other files to your friends and coworkers as easily as sending plain text messages. Multicast facility for file transfer is also available in Vypress Messenger. Compatible with WinPopup, its AutoRetries allows automatic sending of messages to computers that are not currently available in the local network. Other key features of this chat tool include Auto Answer, Address Book, Mail Check, Message filtering etc.

Express Messaging Server offers extra features like auto-reply, drag and drop file transfers, sending system wide messages, and more. It functions as an integrated management tool to monitor online usage as well as manage user accounts. Then we have Bopup Messenger, which is compatible with most standard programs, like WinPopup and Net Send. It features ignore lists, network groups, quick answers, file transfer, auto-replies, message history etc. Win Messenger is compatible with WinPopup, net send and Linux.

Advantages of intranet over internet in the inter-office communication are:

· In emergency situations where you need a quick reply, you don’t need to rely on the office e-mail system much.
· No big issues regarding the connection and speed, with intranet. The messages reach instantly.
· No need to depend on the e-mail system to send files to your peers. The file transfer facility that is featured in most of the intranet messengers makes offline file transfer possible in quick time.
· Wide Area Network (WAN) makes intranet messaging possible between two or more LANs in buildings, which stand close to each other or are in the same locality.

If used effectively, Intranet messengers can replace telephones! You can have an in-depth talk with your boss using all the diagrams and texts here. It saves a lot of time as it avails quick responses! A loophole with intranet chat is that, your chat partner should be there at his desk. You send him an urgent message and if the person is away from his desk may delay your purpose. So it would be better to use the ‘Away/Absent’ mode, whenever you are leaving your pc. Also make sure that your messenger is activated when you login in the network

The multicast facility comes handy when the management or any employee wants to convey some urgent message to the whole network. You are in search of the hardware guy of your office and he is not there at his desk! Just broadcast: “XXX please contact YYYY urgently.” Your guy would be near any of the computers in the office and he may get the message! Chances are that you will also get broadcasts like: “If anybody requires Saturday night passes to Fire n’ Ice, contact me immediately.”

So, have fun with Intranet Messengers and do some work too!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Die Another Day

Yeah, its the new Bond movie title and it sounds so imposing and ambiguous! Believe me, I am a total stranger to the theme or contents of the movie and that gives me the courage to write the rubbish below! So, does the title imply the superiority of Mr. Bond.... that he can decide his/other's death time? Or does it imply his determination to be successful against all odds.... that makes him telling: "I want to live today"..? Or those people around him want to see him alive?

To measure the stupidity of my deductions above, just click this link and see whats in store..!

But I loved that title and I just want to keep telling myself: "Live Today"..:)

Shaji got married last Sunday. I attended his reception and the couple looked electric! 'Coded for each other', I would say:)
Wish you people a happy married life, shaji and julie.... (Sorry that I misspelled her name as Juli in the greeting card)

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

The World is a Stage and I am a Bad Actor

I have'nt been doing well since my last post here. I wake up with lotsa ideas to write and by midday, fumes of sulkiness cover me up. I know its its worst. I am about to break up with my 'would be' landlord, even before renting the house. The guy is not direct in his deals, I wud say. He is not ready to sign an agreement on proper time. My dreams of celebrating my bday in my own house are getting bleaker.
Please excuse my laments.
I want to bounce back and I want to shrug off all these worries. I want to be back with some good news.

Leaving these love notes before winding up...

Dreams are Never Real

My dream seemed, so simple and pure,
To find gentle and lasting love,
One that for a lifetime would endure,
Sent from Heaven above.

My prayers were answered when I met you,
So unique our bond of the soul,
A sweet love only known to few,
Being together forever, our goal.

I will love you always, my dearest one,
Who you are is so precious to me,
And my heart you have eternally won,
My soul I gave you so free.

But I guess that dreams are never real,
I have searched for you all my life,
Yet the dream is dying, that's how I feel,
Am I not good enough to be your wife?

What happened to us and the freedom we knew?
My heart is ripped deep 'neath my breast,
Is love only a dream, what did I do?
In my life you are only the best.

You loved me because of who I am,
Yet now, you dislike that the most,
My dream seems now, eternally damned,
And our love must be only a ghost.

by Divya

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