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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

A Week to Remember!

Sorry couldnt update this for a while. But I want to tell lotsa things!

Dec 1:
That was my birthday. Visited a temple and then spent the day with one of my close friends...watched "Makdee" in the morning and went to Bandra in the afternoon. The movie was short but sweet and overall it was a nice experience. Shabana Azmi did well in the role of the witch, but her footage was less. But who stole the show was Shweta Prasad, that cute kiddy girl....with her vivacious performance! A must see for any age group.

Dec 2:
I was about to leave my office for the day when I heard about the Ghatkopar Blast. I couldnt believe that such a thing could happen in a silent and peaceful town like Ghatkopar, a place I know very well and I am very close to for various reasons. Bus No. 416 was an integral part of my life as I used to travel in it while going to my ex-office at Amrut Nagar.

One of the occasions....when a close calamity left me shuddering!

Dec 3
My penultimate day at Mentorix. I am sorry that I couldnt accept their offer as I 'd made up my mind to join Ashok. I am gonna miss all my friends over here. Be in touch..Sandeep, Asha, Andrea..! Went to Dahisar in the evening as part of my house hunt. Nowdays I am looking for a house that is close to Borivli, my proposed workplace.

Dec 4
It is farewell blues. It is always sad for me leaving an office...leaving the pc that was my companion for some time, leaving back my telephone number, leaving my seat....sent a mail to my acquaintances over here at mentorix informing them about my exit. And this would be my last blogging from the Mentorix office.

C yaa guyes soon!!

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