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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Life in the time of New Year...

I am blogging after a gap and the writer in me was enraged when he found out that the organiser in me has forgotten the blog password. Luckily, the trouble-shooter in me rose up to the occasion to evade such an embarrassing situation!

The only excuse at hand is the job switch. Ever since I got into this new office, I was bit tense learning and adjusting to things over here...

Last I blogged was in 2002 and now its 2003! So wishing u all a happy, prosperous, healthy and MindBlogging 2003…

I shifted to a new abode and I like it. The house is full of light and if there is any better name for it than ‘The Lighthouse’…do let me know. Living alone is no fun I tell u and the solitude and isolation will kill u. So I have now decided to look for a fitting roommate. Hehehe….it was all about learning something in life…I wanted to live alone and now I feel it is not that easy.

My first three days went mute and suddenly I thought about my transistor radio, something i bought through net and was yet to try it. I put the batteries and the first voice in my room was born and the experience, literally, did jerk me!

Work at Ashok’s office is quite a new experience. I think, by now I have worked in all kinds of offices. Bwsx was a mix of fun and exigency. Mentorix was a disciplinarian with lot of formalities. Here, work is “koooool yaaaaar”! No binding rules but I feel like performing and I do enjoy the work and atmosphere. Forget those occasional power and telephone failures and thanks to them as well…otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging now. But, Gautam is unable to “take a call”…J And thanks to Syl for reminding me about the existence of my blog. But I think you have spoiled the pedestrian in me by offering lifts in the evenings, Syl. Now I feel like not walking in the mornings also and do go for a rick!

I took some extra time finishing my first feature for Rediff from Ashok’s office, as I found dealing with these showbiz people quite sluggish. But I am glad that it came out the way I wanted.

2003 started on an idle note as I took the liberty to bunk office on New Year Day. My boss didn’t like it and I still feel guilty about it. I spent a quiet night at home on 31st night and mingled with friends on 1st. I disappointed my old roommates by choosing to opt out of the party. 31st nights were something we used to celebrate so wildly and this time I just wanted to change the way I had been doing it.

So it is resolution time and mine is ‘nurturing my patience level’. I am trying my best nowadays to be cool when the train gets stuck in signals, when the movie takes time to start, water takes time to get boiled etc etc…Yeah, don’t frown…Water takes its own time to get boiled sometimes….if you don’t think so….try it out yourself when it is just 3 minutes left to leave for office.

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