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Saturday, March 08, 2003

The Run Away Bag

Life is going on as usual. No big time changes. The zigzag continues! A very realistic comment about my blog came from one of my best friends during these days, the adjective he used was ‘ganda’! I think he was right on target.

I had been ignoring my blog all these days because of the sheer lack of inspiration or drive to write. Time is also a factor and I need good time to come up with a write up. Travelling has been consuming a good part of my days as I am staying at my uncle’s place that is bit far away from my office. The good thing happened out of this mere waste of 3 hours per day is that, I have cultivated the habit of reading newspaper in the train these days. And I think time flies when you are so engrossed in that activity.

Bought a TV to watch World Cup and during tense match situations, I simply switch channels and start watching some time-pass movies. Especially on occasions like the Indian scoreboard reads 25/3 against Keniya! But came back to enjoy the timely century knock by Ganguly. Needless to say, enjoyed Sachin’s classic 98 against Pakistan too. But still, feels this world cup is lacking that punch and is in agreement with Barry Richard’s views.

Another mentionable incident occurred with me these days, is a miraculous retrieval of my bag. I was trying to get into a local train from Dadar with and I lost my bag in the attempt, in the heavy rush. Thinking that it might have fallen back in the platform, I alighted back. But the bag was nowhere to be seen! Then I had a feeling that it might have got wedged in the train itself. The bag was bit heavy with some funny things like a beverage bottle, some casual dress, a pickle bottle, a tiffin-box etc., and some not so funny things like my ATM card, train pass, house keys, telephone diary and some invaluable things. The thought of losing so many things at one go was really painful and I stood there cursing my habit of keeping such things together in the bag.

Then I decided to take bygones as bygones and caught the next train to Mulund. At Mulund station, still, I decided to check my luck, with 0% hope, and headed straight to the stationmaster’s cabin. There I told the clerk what happened and requested him to check with the Kalyan station if they had received any unclaimed bag. Unbelievably, a miracle started unfolding one by one! The person on the other end started describing things those were in a bag they received, which in turn, I started identifying as mine! I jumped in the next train to Kalyan and collected my bag back, and am still in awe at the whole episode.

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