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Saturday, July 26, 2003

The Movie thrills, but the end kills even the Movie!

These days I was making it a point to watch scary and suspense thrillers on the first day of release itself. When I delay seeing such movies, the curiosity fades away.

Been there done that, when Bhoot was released and Ramu didn't disappoint me. I went on to watch Bhoot for a second time too.

And yesterday, I was there among the first day audiences of the much-awaited "Darna Mana Hai", clutching my hands in anxiety regarding what is in store for me this time.

The movie started off quite decently, showing justice to the Verma camp creations. Then one-by-one, the so-told six stories started unfolding. Though these stories were told in a novel manner, I was curious to know how these six stories are going to get related to each other with a joint climax. At least, the promos promised that.

But, sorry to tell, the climax was disappointing and there was no such so-told related climax either. When we were expecting a climax, the movie ended with a forced climax!

I am told, Ramu is planning a sequel to this movie. If it is true, it is good. And who knows if it is just a gossip or promotional gimmick? I felt so because, when news about such a cold climax spreads, naturally that would trigger a box office crash. And they might just want to avert such a calamity by injecting more hopes on people!

*I wrote what I felt. Actually I hate movie reviews. But the mere disappointment made me write this piece.

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