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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A die-hard fan's account of meeting actor Mohanlal in real life

(for bigger pics, visit: Star-gazing)

I reached back in Mumbai on 20th Sept. And it took me 10 more days to get back to blogging:-)

My vacation went as usual, but with one difference.

Meeting Mohanlal made the difference!

I couldn’t really wait to finish my Onam celebrations and escaped to Trivandrum on 12th of Sept. On 13th, I met Mohanlal. On 14th, I saw Mohanlal standing on top of the world.

When I landed in TVM, what pre-occupied my mind was getting the permission to cover the Mohanlal 25 event than the possibility of meeting Mohanlal.

I arranged a meeting with Suresh Kumar, man behind the Thiranottam Show, at the rehersal camp on 13th morning. It took a while to make him understand that I am from a news portal and not from any TV channel. (The TV-coverage rights had gone to Asianet.)

So finally I was 'in'!

So, with a relaxed mind..I looked around. I could see many big shots of Malluwood, mostly directors, sitting all around.

With Priyadarsan and Co

And I never expected to see Mohanlal...
until he emerged from thin air in-front-of me!

In a simple outfit of shirt and mundu, Mohanlal was there sitting in the company of friends!

I stood bedazzled!

I am not going berserk here. I am very well composed while writing this account. But there is no other word I could describe my meet. I simply stood there bedazzled!

I found Lal twice cute and handsome in real. And he was carrying a certain that what you call 'charisma'?

Why Me!

As in a dream I kept staring at him. Suddenly he got up and looked at my direction and SMILED!

I was stunned and bit embarassed too. He has caught me staring at him. And before I knew what happened...that radiant figure was near me.

I gave him a very strange smile…and mumbled something.

Slowly I regained my composure and introduced myself, shaking those big fare hands hysteriacally. He told me he knew and liked Mumbai for it's vibrancy. Balettan, his Onam release, was turning out to be a huge hit.

I wanted to take a photo with Mohanlal, but who will take this for me? There were none around to whom I can make a request.

I told Lal that I wanted to take a photo. Then, accepting the reality that I wouldn't get a chance to pose with him, I was going to click Lal when he asked:

"You (ningal, thats the word he used) want to take the photo with me or just want a single photo of mine?"

That gave me the courage to let him know my intention! Taking the camera from me, he handed it over to Suresh Kumar and asked him to take the photo.


And he posed with me. My magic moment was etched forever! It was my dream to meet Mohanlal whom I adore ever since I started watching movies. Though a chance to interview him slipped away unfortunately, I was glad that I got a chance to talk to him for some time, at least.

I had gone to native with the impression that Dileep has swallowed the star-value of Mohanlal. But, gladly, I was wrong. As an actor who has been surviving the madness of cinema since 25 years and at the same time successfully keeping the megastar title intact, Mohanlal's star-value speaks for itself.

25 years at a stretch

And Dileep, he has been doing well since the last two years and I feel he doesnt deserve a comparison with Lal at this juncture. This is not a biased opinion and I really enjoy watching Dileep-movies these days. When I saw both Lal and Dileep together in real, I felt Dileep is just a kid in front of Mohanlal!

More than Mohanlal's charisma or stardom, what really struck me during my meeting was his humble nature and sweet personality. He was obliging each every one came in his way, signing away autographs and mingling with all around.

His ever-pleasant face carried this surd question - "why me?" He never seemed putting an effort to act like a megastar. But he was there, stealing effortlessly. Just like the way he act.

Mukesh & Manoj K Jayan

I met most of the glittering stars of Malluwood there in Trivandrum. Another star who touched my heart with that generosity and friendliness inseparable from real and reel lives was Mukesh. When I conveyed him my desire to take a snap with him, he told me with that touch of humour we often see in him onscreen, and in that Kollam lingo:

"edutho edutho ... permission onnum vanganda, ninnang eduthonam." (Take yaar..u don need a permission and all....bindaaz...pose and take)

Lakshmi of Music Moments

So that was a vacation I would cherish forever.

Someone can't stop grinning, you know?

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