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Friday, October 17, 2003

Ad to the score!

Nowadays, watching our cricket team members in action is a treat! I am not talking about their performance in the middle - but their acting histrionics in ads.

Sadly, our established models are out of work during the cricketing season! Our cricketing men are not doing their work properly as per the latest score from Mohali and at the same time not allowing others to do their work!

Hope they keep in mind the fact that they are stars for us only when they do their work well! The work they are supposed to do, I mean.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Run Lola Run

Yesterday watched this movie on Zee MGM. This German-made was released in 1999, but I got the opportunity to have a dekho just now only.

Tom Tykwer, The writer-director of "Run Lola Run," has done a commentable job out a novel theme. The movie reminded me of the Bollywood flick "Lets Talk" for the way story is told.

Now, listen to a xerox machine buzzing nearby!

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