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Friday, October 24, 2003


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Whats up?

My office has been witnessing lot of blogging activities these days. Posting, editing, reposting, keedagiri on templates, R & D etc., etc. I had a heated argument with A in office on Tendulkar and that might have inspired Vel in coming up with a blog on cricket@work!

I am finding blogging beneficial in two ways. I can experiment on my writing and at the same time, I can work on my technical knowledge. And it is really exciting to experiment on the template, add new items, put images etc.

Diwali is here and it is a good news that thetre-strike, that has been going on since last week, has been called off. Lots of movies are coming up and I am yet to watch "Identity", the movie I have been loging to watch eversince it was made. Because, I really loved AC's novel "Then There Were None" and someone had told me that the movie was inspired by the novel.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Doctor said: Zzzzzzzz
The door said: Click...clack...crack

Last week Mother nature blessed me with fever, cold, body pain, headache and what not. And having got little confidence in those colourful tablets supplied by doctors, I was following the prescriptions by Gautam, who taught me how to bypass doctors with our own medical experience.

But yesterday evening, I found myself carefully listening to my society doctor. He gave me some tablets and a colourful tonic. But what was really exciting was those sleeping pills he prescribed. For me, first time in my life! After taking one, I waited for that sudden sleep to embrace me, but in vain! Yesterday also, I had to turn my music player on to take the plunge.

But in the mornig, I slept an extra hour. Still an exciting experience, what say?

And then the drama began!

Just two minutes were left for my society bus to reach the building gate and I was unable to open my flat door to get out. In simple words: I was locked in!

I have heard of people losing keys and locking themselves out of their houses. But this..?

Blame it on the faulty lathe. I lookd out of my balcony helplessly like a prisoner just sentenced for lifetime rigorous imprisonment. Luckily a boy saw me and brought the watchman. But finally i had to break the lathe to get out of the house.

Now, to fix the door I am leaving office early. I reached office late because of the door and leaving office early, again thanks to the door

Monday, October 20, 2003

Keep chewing!

About a TV ad that appears these days. I dont remember the name of the product. But the jingle is still there in my memory as I found it very hilarious:

"tum ithna jo muskuraaa rahe ho
kya gum hai jisko chaba rahe ho"

After scoring with that 'blind' character for pepsi during the world cup, Sachin is back with a bang by giving a sensitive performance in the new 'lift power-failure' ad, again for pepsi. What if his scoring power in the cricketing field is diminishing? Going by the trend of 'failed' or 'rejected' or 'jailed' cricketers turning to filmdom, Sachin can notch up even a best actor Oscar, it seems!

These days, a web portal is seen celebrating celebrity-birthdays in a big way! Virtual celebrations, I mean. Check out "wish ---" or "send SMS" links given on the homepage. It is a revelation that we have got celebs born on a daily basis!

Keep chewing the same gum!

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