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Friday, October 31, 2003

Souring sweet

Yesterday I was walking down the street when I heard a kid demanding a Cadbury to his Mom. Mom replied:

"No Beta, they are full of worms."

Diary Milk used to be the easiest expression of love and friendship for me when I met my buddies. But luckily, I dont like sweets or chocolates much. So i am not missing Diary Milk at all. And I have found alternatives.

And I don't know now what is up with lovers out there, for whom a diary milk resembled a red rose in romantic terms!

But for kids, whose age is to enjoy the thrills of having that magical brown piece, food-pollution has taken over that romance. Parents and kids should have found their alternatives by now or will find soon, let us hope.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Conspiring with Mr. Iyer

Yesterday I met Arvind Iyer for a story I am doing on him. To tell the truth, chatting with Arvind on Yahoo messenger has always been a chaotic affair with this gentleman shooting down long messages non-stop:)

But when I finally met him, he turned out to be a different guy. On chat, he used to be very informal with me. But during our meet, i felt him keeping a studied distance and giving me a highly consistent speech.

I enjoyed the meet really and now wanna come up with a good story:)

Monday, October 27, 2003

Precious Silence during Diwali

I had a very quiet Diwali on Saturday, in solitude. But sunday was different. Had a damn good get-together with my x room mates. We re-lived our days - cooking, roaming, watching a cricket match together etc.. etc.!

That made me acknowledging the fact that living in a group has it's own highs when compared to living in isolation as I have been doing recently. But I have not thought of going back . Just decided that, once in a while I would have a deviation.

Adding flavour to the Diwali celebrations, we had this news of an Indian win from Gwalior. Sachin had a 100, but as A put it, after 90 he was clearly playing for his hundred. Very sad to note such a great player slowing down his innings when a 100 was in sight!

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