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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Ryzer 100 speaking...

I had been a member of this business network called Ryze since Jan this year. First I landed in this network while doing an article on friendship networks. So I signed up, got some feedbacks from members and left ryze thanking:)

Then last month, i had my good friend Vandy tipping me off with the details of a fantastic network called Ryze that saw me making an attempt to join the network. Then, i keyed-in my mail-id while registering and found that the id was in use. That means, I ve already signed up in the network! This often happens to me since I tend to sign up for anything and everything that comes in my way and then just forget about 'em.

Then, digging up my mail account, I got the user id and password i had used earlier to sign up for Ryze and just got back to my earlier page, put my details and added some friends and..., within a short time, i understood what made Vandy telling me abt this network. It goes like this: Ryze never sleeps.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Line Of Control

Call me a movie buff.... buff who don't watch movies so often.

The last flick I 'd seen was Darna Mana Hai. Then I wanted to watch lotsa up-coming movies. But none of them really impressed. I was told that Jhankar Beats was worth for a dekho, but I cudn't.

I ignored Koi Mil Gaya, Mein Madhuri Dixit Bananaaa.., etc because I 'd lost the drive to and whodunits like Samay, Shhhh..etc. because Darna Mana Hai taught me to wait and 'watch' thrillers.

I would like to tell you...if you had been eagerly looking forward to watch a movie, pls watch it as soon as it gets releasd. Once it's been 'polluted' by film reviewers and box office pundits, chances are that you will lose your appetite. At least, in my case that's been happening.

Right now, movies in my 'hit list' are L.O.C., Plan, Khakee, Munnabhai M.B.B.S and Aan. I would like to wait and 'watch' Kal Ho Na Ho:)

Monday, November 10, 2003

I am in the mood!

I am back.

It was not that I was very busy or my net was not working:) I was simply wasting my time away and at times landed in the blogger page too. But whenever I decid to post something, my web browser would take a strong exception and as a result my comp would crash!

And i wrote a long post just 10 mts ago and the same thing happened. Right now am trying my best to re-write whatever i 'd written.

It was about my cable rates and Prince Charles.

Damn, whats the would ask.


But last week I came across this Mid-day article. Those live in Mumbai and pay a hefty monthly amount to their cablewallas will quickly identify themselves with this article. But alas, something that is very crucial an info to a common-man was given a thumps-down by our media in terms of coverage.

And now, just recount the way media has covered Prince Charles' India visit. What difference does it make to our lives? What's that we can expect from this old man? Hold on ..except those juicy stories!

I know, being a journo, tomorrow i will do the same. But these are things that slightly infuriate you when you are in the mood:)

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