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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

When Men in blue make us red...

"All's well that ends well"

No better line I have got to open this piece on a topic that has always baffled me. The ever-changing impressions Indian cricket team cast on their supporters' minds with their inconsistent rate of winning matches.

Just last week, after that humiliating defeat from the hands of Australia, most of us were screaming for our cricketing heroes' blood. Some suddenly had this revelation that Indians were just paper tigers. Some pledged that they would never ever support the team or watch a match even on TV. Some, like me, thought of writing a blasting piece to yahoo groups like Malayali Mafia.

Then we had this unusual or once-in-a-blue-moon performance from Indian team, in their last match against Kiwis, and suddenly the feelings have taken a U-turn. Now we all are fantasizing about Indian team taking revenge on Australia for the world cup defeat. If it happens, i would be one of the happiest fans of indian cricket.

But this happens often. All our sentiments get a depression-shade after a defeat, and we are forced to believe that our team is a gone case. Then, when we think we have all detached ourselves successfully from the temporal fortunes of Indian cricket, a big win by our team again lure us back to the risks of following their fortunes. And this cycle goes on.

So what's the best policy to avoid these tensions and tribulations involved in tracking the fortunes of Indian cricket team? On this morning of TVS cup final, I want to share my strategy with those who are interested.

It is very simple. Over the years, I have developed a tolerance level to the follies our team make or the victories our team register. Win or loss, just take it as two sides of the coin. When india loses, keep remind yourself that Indian cricket or even the whole world is not gonna end with this one defeat. When india wins, dont get carried away and hope this happens next time too.

Then, without loses, what is the excitement in cricket? You keep winning and chances are that gradually your supporters might get bored with you! To which job our cricket-columnists and game-pundits shift if we keep performing superbly? And just imagine, what would be the future of the hundred thousands of cricketers in our country if just these eleven men keep their positions intact forever?

So what's your wrong-un?

Monday, November 17, 2003

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