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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Save the actor in Mohanlal

Whenever I watch Mohanlal onscreen, I feel an irresistible urge to
write about this actor.

But some of my friends complain that I have been going gaga over
Mohanlal with having written a lot on him in the Mafia, already.

But every time I see him, some idea or the other strikes me. So I am
helpless. Just like any other Malayali, I adore him a lot.

Of late, there are some disturbing thoughts:

These days, Lal looks tired. The make-up is unable to cover-up the
exhaustion in his face. But that was bound to happen once. No

Secondly, I think the actor in Mohanlal is under serious threats.
Before going further, lets take a history class.

Generally, after becoming a superstar, an actor looks around for
meatier roles and recognition from the elite audience. Mohanlal was
not different and he was at his peak with his performance in

But after Vanaprastham, his career graph witnessed a steep decline in
terms of the roles he received and the filmmakers he chose to work

Those were the days of super-human characters and larger-than-life
heroes, with a 'twirled' moustache.

But Mohanlal couldn't be a Rajnikant as the Kerala audience ceased to
appreciate the same after some time. A spate of flops followed and
the parabolic action had begun.

Mohanlal, whose USP was those common-man roles close to normal life,
suddenly found him lost in Malluwood where he really felt the heat of
competition from new entrants like Dileep and Prithviraj.

Even Priyadarsan couldn't save Mohanlal as audience rejected the
rescue-action came in the form of 'Kilichundan Mampazham'.

As the old and trusted comrades stood helpless, a nervous Lal turned
towards new directors like Thulasidas and VM Vinu. That was a real
boon for these youngsters for whom getting Mohanlal to do title roles
in their movies was like a dream came true.

Remember, Lal wouldn't have even considered working with these second-
line directors if he had been still enjoying that top position. But
this is just my assumption.

Mr Brahmachari and Balettan scored in the box-office as the mallu
audience sat in excitement watching their dear Lalettan's much-
awaited retreat to those closer-to-life characters.

But is that enough? Where is that Mohanlal whose marvelous acting
histrionics won him a number of Bharat awards? The circle would be
complete only when Mohanlal get back to that cult position. Nowadays,
every time you switch on your TV, you can see people praising the
actor in him non-stop. But, to tell you the truth, that was

Now we want the history to be repeated. Otherwise, Mohanlal will end
up as another MT Vasudevan Nair. I think MT hasn't written a novel
since a long time. You can correct me if I am wrong. That was a
wild, but painful comparison.

So, undoubtedly, Mohanlal is back and is ruling the Mallu box
office. But, if he is not calculating his moves carefully and going
for roles where he would get an opportunity to ACT, things are going
to backfire and

that would be

the end of Mohanlal, the actor.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Satyendra Dubey, The whistle-blower

Satyendra Dubey was a 31-year-old IIT Kanpur civil engineering graduate. He used to work with the National Highways Authority of India and was assigned to the prime minister's pet project, the Golden Quadrilateral, to connect the four corners of India.

While working with NHAI, Dubey noticed rampant corruption and poor implementation of work in his department. He reported the matter to the Prime Minister's Office by sending a letter, requesting anonymity. But, instead of keeping his name in confidence, authorities circulated his letter to all the relatd departments. That easily exposed Dubey to the evil eyes.

On November 27, 2003, Satyendra Dubey was murdered in Gaya, Bihar. And that has raised a hell lotta issues now.

Bihar Government has ordered a CBI probe into his gruesome killing.

For people having Dubey's conscience, this incident sends wrong signals. Next time they might think twice before giving in to their conscience.

That is why whistle-blowers like Satyendra Dubey are endangered species these days.

Dubey Murder: Full Coverage

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