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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Welcome 2004

How did you spend your January 1? My friend says whatever u 've done
on the New Year day, you would be doing it throughout the year!

If that is gonna be true, then the year will be bringing mixed
results for me, i guess:-) I might lose some money this year as I
chose the New Year day to give some advance money to my 'would-be'
landlord! Then I might be watching lotsa movies this year as I saw
two on that single day:-)

The second one I saw was something special. It was the private
screening of the directorial debut of my friend who is a Pune Film
Institute churn-out. The film is made in English and is starring Atul
Kulkarni and Neha Dubey (The Monsoon Wedding fame). I don't want to
reveal more details of the film here, as my friend is yet to expose
it to the media.

And folks, I watched the movie sitting next to the hero Atul
Kulkarni:-) The experience of watching a movie sitting next to its
hero was overwhelming. He has given a commendable performance and I
hope the movie would get a market and the work would get appreciated
in the coming days.

Yeah, I reached back home late night around 1 am and with a seething
headache. So I ended by New Year day restlessly, waiting for some
sleep to engulf me. Ye headaches bhi kya headache hai yar?

Monday, December 29, 2003

Munnabhai MBBS, the healing touch!

I had this rare fortune of watching a wholesome Bollywood entertainer
in the form of "Munnabhai MBBS" this week. I found the movie
profusely hillarious, packed with endearing performances and it made
some sense too. It was after a long time, after Heerapheri I would
say, I got to watch a movie that was quite rib tickling.

The story line might sound bit 'impossible', but the makers of the
movie have succeeded in making it 'believable' by coming up with real
life situations and weaving an engaging thread throughout. Making a
pass at the growing corruption taking place in MBBS-admissions and
the treatment given to the patients in hospitals, Munnabhai MBBS
thrive on a near-perfect narration and engaging performance from the
lead stars. And got enchanted by the laughter-mantra, we tend to
suppress the tendency to do reality-checks during the show!

Munnabhai MBBS might please the masses and the classes alike.
Though, externally, it would look like a treat for frontbenchers, the
sleek manner it is made is definitely appealing to the classes as
well. There is no single scene that would bore you. The budding
romance between Munnabhai and his love interest played by Gracy Singh
is told without much fanfare, but very sensitively. That comes as a
fresh breath in a film industry that needs its lead stars to scout in
the greener countrysides of Switzerland or Sweden to voice their

On the performance level, Sanjay Dutt is outstanding in a role tailor-
made for his less probed persona as a light-hearted man. But the
surprise packet of the movie is Bomman Irani. I watched him first in
the movie "Let's Talk" and he was quite amazing in it. Then catching
the audience unawares in "Darna Mana Hai" and now giving Sanju Baba a
run for his money in a negative character with comic shades
in "Munnabhai", this theatre personality from Mumbai is definitely a
threat to Paresh Rawal in Bollywood's comedy realm.

The chemistry between the Dutts could have brought out more
effectively by creating some engaging scenes that live up to the
comic mood of the movie. Sunil Dutt is kind of wasted in Munnabhai
MBBS. Then, the hype was so much on the coming together of father and
son. Munnabhai MBBS is not devoid of loopholes, but in the end what
matters is the satisfaction of watching a better movie. And that
feeling clears all the negative thoughts away.

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